Soccer Star Alan Pulido Fought Kidnapper and Called Police

It sounds like a scene from a movie. We rejoice that he is safe. Now that more is known about his escape i sounds like an action thriller.

All that Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido said to the press during his initial appearance following his kidnapping ordeal was, “I’m Fine, thank God.” Yet authorities described Pulido’s quick actions which led to his safe return home.

The Mexican soccer star, who plays for the Greek team Olimpiakos, was kidnapped Saturday night after leaving a party with his girlfriend in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It did not happen far from an area that includes police headquarters, according to Telemundo reporter Agustín Olais.

Pulido’s kidnappers let his girlfriend go, and she alerted his family that the 25-year-old soccer player had been taken. The family later received a phone call from the abductors asking for money and the authorities began an intense manhunt in the area.

The next day, according to authorities, Pulido saw an opportunity when he was left alone with one of the kidnappers. Pulido overtook him in a fight and grabbed his cell phone and gun away; he then used the cell to call for help. He told authorities where he was and described the house, also telling them what he was wearing so he wouldn’t be shot and confused for a kidnapper.

After he was safe, Pulido posted on Twitter; “muchas gracias a todos por su oracion;” thanks to all of you for your prayers.

In Mexico, news of his kidnapping and rescue was met with a mixture of relief as well as some cynicism for how the events unfolded. In an opinion piece in “El Universal,” journalist Ciro Lopez Leyva said that the state of Tamaulipas will hold elections next week, and that it looked like Alan Pulido “was more valuable alive than kidnapped.”

Tamaulipas was the state with the most kidnappings in Mexico; there were 230 reported in 2015 and 40 in 2016.

Pulido is a forward for Olympiakos and was part of Mexico’s 2014 World Cup team.

Additional reporting from Telemundo’s Agustín Olais and the Associated Press.


Bubble Football leaves player severely injured

Bubble soccer ends with brain injury for high school soccer captain
A Cobb County high school senior was hospitalized with a brain injury after a game of bubble soccer last Friday.

bubblesoccerSalvador “Chava” Reyes was celebrating the end of the Campbell High School soccer season with his teammates when he collided with another player, causing the traumatic head injury, according to Channel 2 Action News.

Reyes was in the Critical Care Unit at WellStar Kennestone Hospital facing a long road to recovery early Thursday. In bubble soccer, players wear inflatable bubbles and run into each other.

Reyes, who was captain of the Spartan’s boys soccer team, was going up for a header when he collided with another player and flew back onto the ground.

“His forehead just immediately shattered internally and he had some bleeding in his brain,” his sister, Ruby Reyes, told Channel 2.

The injured teen was just two weeks from graduation when the accident happened.

“He was counting down for it,” Ruby Reyes said.

She says her brother was getting ready to try out for a professional soccer team in Mexico after his graduation.

Now, doctors are waiting for swelling to go down before they perform a reconstructive surgery on Salvador Reyes.

One of his coaches, Pierina Anderson, told Channel 2 his teammates are distraught and they are pulling together to help him.

“He had a future for him and we just need all help we can to help the family,” Anderson said.

Several charity soccer games have been scheduled to help raise money for the teen’s medical bills, and a GoFundMe page for Reyes had earned more than $11,600 as of 6:40 a.m. Thursday.